Is your persistent chronic pain limiting your physical abilities?


Do you need help recovering from a motor vehicle accident?


Would you like natural pain relief solutions to get you back to health?


Are you ready to live pain-free faster?

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We are Dedicated to Helping You Recover
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Our Mission

We Are Committed To Providing Quality Care.

Our Approach

Achieve Our Mission By Providing PERFECT PT In All Instances And In All Interactions.

Discover our PERFECT PT Promise

Personalized – You are not a number. You are a unique individual and will be treated as such through our PERFECT PT promise. Your course of treatment will be personalized to your medical history, your level of activity pre-injury and your goals.

Education – We will educate you on your condition, including how we intend to treat you and the steps you can take to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

Results – Through experience, compassion and attention to detail, we will produce results you can feel and results you can see measured. Results that will get you back to participating pain-free in your daily activities and hobbies.

Family – Once we interact with you, we view you as a member of our family and stand ready to serve you be it via active care in the clinic, answering questions or providing additional resources you may be seeking.

Environment – We believe environment plays a role in the healing process. We promise to provide an environment in which you will be encouraged, challenged, motivated and feel safe during the rehabilitation process.

Community – We believe life happens beyond the walls of our clinics and choose to actively partner with schools, business, law enforcement, local governments and all groups to support the communities in which we live, work and serve.

Time – We respect you and your time so we promise to get you “in on time” and “out on time.” Your treatment will begin at the time of your reservation and end sixty (60) minutes later so you can proceed with your day and doing the things you need and want to be doing.

Passion – Passion isn’t fleeting and doesn’t vary from moment to moment. Passion is something that comes from deep down. We are passionate about what we do and our desire to make a difference one hip, one knee, one shoulder, one back, one life at a time.

Transformation – Through personal attention, equipping you with the tools you need to succeed, respect, compassion and experience, we promise to walk with you and our neighbors to build, strengthen and transform the lives entrusted to our care.

Life Happens Beyond the Walls of our Clinic and We Support the Communities in Which We Live, Work and Serve.

About John W. Krupa III, PT CEO

Licensed as a physical therapist in 1986, John has owned and independently operated outpatient physical therapy clinics since 1991. Because of his experience and success in the physical therapy field, John has been included in the National Register’s Who’s Who in Executive & Professionals, has served as Vice-Chair of the Long Island District New York APTA, has been selected to (and served on) the New York State Board of Physical Therapy and has consulted a hospital through a successful improvement in the efficiency of their outpatient physical therapy services rendered.

Listening to people, caring for people, getting results for people and simply making a positive difference in the lives of others has been John’s driving force throughout his professional and personal endeavors.

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